As you know, we love to share our creativity. The process of creating our campaigns’ themes - brainstorming on who and what inspires us the most. What will keep us motivated & driven in the upcoming months - and what will make us feel (and hopefully look) our best - ahh we live and work for it!

Each campaign means meeting and getting to know new talents or deepening the bonds with those who we’ve already worked with. Pre SS campaign is all about urban girl on the go - with first rays of sun on her cheeks, captured by Asia Typek in the capital of Spain. Choosing Asia Typek as our photographer was an obvious choice for such scene! She is known for capturing stylish and passionate women around the world. She has an eye for researching those who set trends - in their daily life runs. Once the collection is already hanging in our studio, once the campaign has been shot - there’s even more to be said as we love to expand our ideas from the online world to the “real” one. And yes - we mean our stationary stores! This time we have decided to reach out to local Polish artists and invite them to create their own Spring universes on our stores’ windows! Each vision was different and that’s what we love the most about them! You can take a tour through Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Poznan, Cracow and see the works of Polish illustration creators (all women!) We love to surround ourselves with art, creative souls and we are grateful we could share your works with those who visit our stores ❤