Agata Pągowska – Product Manager at THE ODDER SIDE. Privately, a mother, wife, fashion enthusiast, lover of beautiful interiors, and a healthy lifestyle.

Fashion has always been present in my life. To this day, I remember how, as a little girl, I would rummage through my grandmother's secondhand shop, which allowed me to find plenty of gems. I admired how my mother could combine colors, styles, and materials, creating great outfits for any occasion. She taught me how important it is to feel good in your own skin and to wear things that make us feel beautiful and confident.

When I became a mother myself, I dressed Bianca in simple, plain clothes from the beginning. As for patterns, they were basically just delicate stripes and dots. From the start, I paid a lot of attention to the materials, choosing clothes only made from certified cotton or secondhand items.

Bianca has just turned 4, and I am now having a wonderful time with her, which I cherish immensely. Her passion for dressing up and putting on fashion shows is amazing! She constantly runs around with pieces of fabric, asking me to sew something from them. It touches and delights me deeply.

When she comes into my wardrobe, I turn into a stylist for a while. We alter and pin my clothes to fit her 116 cm, turn on music, dance, fool around, and we both have a lot of fun. These moments are full of joy and laughter. She always runs up to us to show off her outfit and, with a sparkle in her eyes, asks, "Do you like what I'm wearing?" Of course, fashion is above all fun, and I will always remind her of that. It’s amazing how much joy these shared moments can bring. I am sure these carefree moments will stay with us for a long time, and Bianca will have beautiful childhood memories full of creativity and love.

,,For me, as both a mother and daughter, the values we take from home will always be the most important. My mother taught me great respect for others, showed me how to love and take care of myself. Thanks to her, I always felt beautiful and confident, and I certainly want Bianca to feel the same way"

With love, Agata