From Café de Flore, through Boot Café to Gramme. Our tour of Paris begins with some of our favorite cafes, as they house a piece of French history. We start with the St. Germain district and Pablo Picasso's or Ernest Hemingway's favorite café, Café de Flore. We order Pain au chocolate and café au lait. With coffee in hand, we set off for the Pont Neuf, a bridge that, especially on sunny days, impresses with its majestic volume and which offers a beautiful view of the Seine.

Time for art! Our number one is the Centre Pompidou. This is where you can find the most important works of Frida Kahlo, Marcel Duchamp and Marc Chagall. We like to come here for the art as well as the great views! We take the escelator up to the top floor to admire Paris from above for a while. At the bistro, located in one of the streets leading away from the Pompidou, you can eat the best French onion soup!

On the artistic trail, we also recommend visiting the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, the Musée de l'Orangerie and the Rodin Museum. 

We are in Le Marais, the most colorful neighborhood in Paris. This is where THE ODDER SIDE boutique is located, but also our beloved Gramme café. Le Marais is one of our favorite neighborhoods, because this is where history meets modern street art. Right after it is Montmartre. Antique fairs, works by local artists, the Sacre Coeur and the Moulin Rouge. Spend an evening here with a glass of wine, in one of the charming corner and fall in love with Paris like we did!

P.S. Don’t forget about checking out Shakespeare and Company bookstore!

The photos come from Daniela Maya Sarria's private archive.