Two friends
with a vision

We are Justine & Brigitte and our story begins in Warsaw, where The Odder Side was born. As two carefree women, we met and became friends whilst working in the fashion industry. The idea for The Odder Side was born from a casual Facebook conversation where we both expressed our love and want for products that make women feel powerful and beautiful.

In 2015 we created our first capsule collection consisting of styles we had always dreamed of – effortless backless tees, relaxed tops and timeless dresses. The love of the product was instantaneous, seeing the brand grow from strength to strength over the past five years. We are lucky enough to travel the world working with the people who inspire us and producing exciting campaigns, always with the end goal of creating beautiful, comfortable fashion for you.

“Working with your BFF is a dream come true. Having someone in your corner who always has your back and who knows how to cheer you up when you may need it is an incredible gift.

We know when each other needs a coffee and when we need a wine and we appreciate how lucky we are to be on this exciting journey together.”

In simple we trust

We believe in the beauty of “less is more”. Our collections embrace simplicity, comfort, effortless beauty and timeless fashion while caring for our environment. We design for a COOL girl - natural, sensual, perfectly aware of her own self. The I-don’t-care vibe and messy hair is what has inspired us since day 1. Hope you love it as much as we do!