We proudly present the SS24 collection, a return to the incredibly vibrant and inspiring atmosphere
of Los Angeles. "It’s Always Been You, Los Angeles" is a love letter to the place that has birthed
many inspirations accompanying our brand to this day. As we approach the 10th anniversary of
The Odder Side, founders Justyna and Brygida delve into the memories of the 90s and their early
youth, drawing inspiration from iconic films, captivating series, and the magnetic charm of the Los
Angeles music scene. The golden era of this fascinating city not only left its mark on the current
collection but also gave birth to the idea of The Odder Side almost a decade ago.

"Los Angeles has always held a
special place in our hearts. Its
essence is woven into memories of
childhood dreams and aspirations.
The idea of founding the brand
stemmed from this city's profound
influence on us," say Justyna
Przygońska and Brygida
Handzelewicz-Wacławek, the
brand's co-founders.

The LA vibe permeates every
element of this year's collection, with
the frames of our campaign, held in
sunny California, serving as the best
confirmation. "It’s Always Been You,
Los Angeles" is an invitation to a
unique journey through its streets,
where every corner tells its own
story, and sunsets are always
golden. The entire concept and
message associated with this
collection were captured through
the lens of Sonia Szostak, with
whom the brand reunited.

"Sonia helped us capture the spirit of
the collection but also took us on an
unforgettable journey to LA once
again," said the brand's co-founders.

SS24 is a marriage of genuine
passion for fashion and the spirit of
Los Angeles. A rich color palette,
innovative design, and attention to
detail make each element of the
collection exude a style that fits the
spirit of this legendary city. Entering the new season, we focus
on versatile patterns, impeccable
craftsmanship focusing on detail
and sustainable development, and
high-quality materials. New forms,
innovative designs, decorative
pleats - these are the quintessence
of the SS24 collection.

Designs from the new line can be
mixed and matched freely, with
some serving as the base of
stylisations. In contrast, others
complement them perfectly, adding
a unique atmosphere to every look
to emphasise the individual
character of each of us. The
collection includes unique dresses
for everyday wear and special
occasions, featuring unique details:
for example, the Cala dress is
equipped with hidden rings, giving
the construction the right fit, or it is
made of lightweight cotton, and the
Demi dress features a beautiful
sleeve structure. The line also
debuts pants: linen, wide-legged,
and high-waisted Bass, Sagres, and
Pike featuring a stunning print and
unique jacquard fabric.
The SS24 collection is also a nostalgic return to the past, with
bestsellers in refreshed versions:
universal, unobtrusive dresses that,
with the right accessories, can
become evening creations,
everyday sets that look great
(Florence shirt, Key jeans, or a set
consisting of the Corazon shirt and
the Carmen pants).

Unchanged, we reintroduce the
Bianca top and Tori kimono.
The SS'24 collection is also a story
that reflects the brand's
commitment to creating conscious
and inspiring fashion.
"We managed to create something
special that will surely inspire our
customers to express themselves
through fashion," say the brand's
Sustainable fashion practices are
at the heart of every The Odder
Side collection.

The SS24 collection
continues this tradition, presenting
a range of pieces created with a
focus on more responsible fashion.
These clothes not only emanate
timeless style but also perfectly
complement any outfit. The OnTour sweatshirt, Essential Organic
long sleeve, and the Mood T-shirt
are just a few examples of our
commitment to high-quality
craftsmanship and conscious
production ecology.