Orange Amsterdam

Orange boats cruising the Dutch canals, people dancing in the street and the ubiquitous garlands of flowers. There is a reason why the color orange dominates the scenery: it is the color of the royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau. In spring, King's Day is celebrated on the birthday of Willem-Alexander, who ascended the throne in 2013. Various cultural events, including flea markets, concerts, street performances, and parties, are organized across the country to commemorate the occasion. However, before going into our favorites, let's delve into a bit of history.

Until 2013, the Netherlands celebrated the Queen's Day,  Beatrix's birthday. On 27th of April, all residents and tourists took to the streets to celebrate the Dutch spirit of unity, creativity, and society. It is a tradition that the royal family visits one or two towns on this day to participate in local celebrations and activities together with the residents.

We enjoy Amsterdam even more on this day. On the streets you can enjoy Dutch food such as orange tompouce or bitterballen. Orange sodas are prepared for the younger ones, while the older ones sip Aperol Spritz by the canals. One of our favorite attractions, apart from the street concerts, is the Vrijmarkt, an occasion for local sales. On this day, anyone can set up a mini stall in front of their house or townhouse to sell second-hand items. It's a day when you can unearth the best vintage gems.

What about the outfit? It is a tradition for people to dress in orange on this day or to choose accessories in this color. In some places, you can see people painting patterns on their faces, filled with the national colors.

We have prepared 3 perfect outfits for you for this day! 

Demi dress, tied with a belt around the waist, paired with sneakers (it's a day when thousands of people hit the streets, so we don't recommend sandals or your favorite Birkenstocks ;) Philou kimono and Astaire trousers or Key jeans! This kimono and long trousers are our go-to duo for all occasions, not just King's Day!Fiji skirt and Lay T-shirt, a spring casual option for a day out on the Dutch canal. 

Start with a walk from the Central Station, then head along the canals towards Waterlooplein. On the way, you'll come across not only local sales but also street performers!

Have fun in Amsterdam xxx