The Odder State Of Mind

New York, New York – the city that never sleeps. This metropolis, often sung about and celebrated in songs like Alicia Keys and Jay-Z's iconic “Empire State of Mind,” is a haven for artists of all kinds. From street art to the Broadway stage, it’s a unique place that seems to be the center of everything in the world – culture, art,
fashion, cuisine, architecture. Having grown up on TV shows, movies, music, and literature about this city, I came to see for myself how much of it is just a metaphor, a polished picture, a promise of “something more,” and how much is real.

New York, concrete jungle
Where dreams are made of
There's nothing you can’t do
Now you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Let's hear it for New York
New York, New York

Let me take you on a little tour. You'll see it's worth it! We start with High Line, Chelsea Market, and Little Island.

Due to the high temperatures and the desire to feel comfortable yet stylish, I jumped into the bestseller Dalia in white, mixed with Jordans by Travis Scott x Nike. And so we begin our adventure at High Line. This unique urban park, built on former railway lines, runs along the west side of Manhattan. This green space, full of public art and beautiful city views, attracts both residents and tourists, offering a peaceful area for walks and relaxation in the heart of bustling New York.

We then headed to Chelsea Market, which is not only a paradise for foodies but also a haven for fashion and design lovers. It is housed in the former National Biscuit Company factory building, where Oreo cookies were made. It offers a unique atmosphere with numerous boutiques, craft shops, and exceptional places to sample local specialties. Little Island, on the other hand, is a modern park on the water, built on distinctive pillars over the Hudson River. Funded by the famous New York designer Diane von Fürstenberg, the concrete pillar structures are said to be inspired by the heels of her stilettos. This innovative place combines green spaces, an amphitheater, and picnic spots, creating the perfect backdrop for fashion photoshoots and relaxing walks amidst beautiful views of the city and river. A total must-see!

For the next day of my New York adventure, I chose an energetic long dress with a fitting color and name: red Chilli. Trust me, it was no coincidence... As the biggest fan of the series “Sex and the City” that ever walked this planet, I followed Carrie Bradshaw's footsteps that day. Now you understand: a special day = a special outfit. And the bestseller Chilli cut is perfect for both city style and special summer outings.

Greenwich Village, where Carrie lived and where Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays her, resides, greeted us with beautiful sunshine and many inspiring corners. This area is known for its rich artistic history. It used to be the home of the bohemian crowd – artists, writers, and musicians, creating a unique atmosphere. Today, Greenwich Village is a calm and beautiful district full of greenery, romantic alleys, and charming cafes, bookstores, and boutiques. Narrow streets are adorned with low brick houses with steps leading to the front doors, adding to their exceptional charm. During our tour, we visited Carrie Bradshaw's house
on Perry Street – recognize it? I couldn't resist visiting Magnolia Bakery, the famous bakery where Carrie and her friends ate delicious rainbow cupcakes, which I also indulged in. The taste of these colorful cupcakes is as unforgettable as the scene from the series.