Oh, Cracow!

This city never fails to enchant us with its magic every time. Strolling through its charming, winding streets, you can feel how history blends with the present, and every corner has its own story.

There are so many galleries showcasing the works of local artists that it's hard to tear yourself away!

And the cafes? Wonderful! Each one has its own unique atmosphere, perfect for a moment of relaxation or an inspiring conversation with friends.



We begin our journey from Kazimierz – it's here where you'll find Megiddo, a charming kosher cafe that will soon expand its offerings to include breakfast! Located at 14 Kupa Street, it's the perfect spot for coffee and challah while exploring Kazimierz. Megiddo specializes primarily in espresso, which you can enjoy in three different cups for varied experiences. Additionally, you'll find other types of coffee and pastries here – all in the wonderful and mysterious atmosphere of Kazimierz!



Located in a former synagogue from 1896, this venue is definitely a must-visit while exploring Kazimierz! Hevre seamlessly combines Jewish and Polish culture in an unconventional way – here you'll find a café, restaurant, bar, and music club, all within a splendid decor that's simply captivating. The impressions left by this place cannot be described in words – you just have to experience it yourself.



Established in 2023, NOAH has already earned the reputation of being one of the most iconic restaurants in Cracow. The menu at NOAH is primarily based on plates created from local and seasonal products, which you can share with friends or enjoy individually. If you're looking for a place that somewhat combines Polish and Israeli cuisine, you've come to the right spot! You'll also find many types of wines here that are definitely worth trying.

Lobzowska 17


If you're craving some "bullar," or Swedish cinnamon buns, you won't find a better place than this! Kaffe Bageri Stockholm in Cracow has been around since 2020, and for some time now, you can also enjoy their pastries in Wroclaw and Warsaw. In addition to buns, you'll also find delicious coffee here, which complements them perfectly. As Adam and Zuza, the founders of Kaffe Bageri Stockholm, emphasize, this place is created out of love for Sweden – you can see and feel it!



As we move towards the Old Town, we come across another interesting place - Auro is primarily a holistic approach to food and yoga. Here you'll find not only drinks and dishes made from natural ingredients but also classes that perfectly cleanse the mind and wonderfully benefit the body. The café you'll find at Auro offers vegetarian and vegan dishes – we also recommend their fruity smoothies, which are truly worth trying. It's definitely a place for both body and soul!

Szczepański Square 3a


While in Cracow, one mustn't forget about the numerous cultural attractions – after all, the closely located townhouses, narrow streets, and the spirit of history make it a dream place for all artists! One of the most iconic places of this kind is undoubtedly Bunkier Sztuki, an art gallery located near the Cracow Planty. There you'll find works by artists such as Magdalena Abakanowicz and Tadeusz Kantor – furthermore, you can now also enjoy coffee there – Bunkier Cafe returns to Cracow after a break due to building renovations!



Cracow stands with its mounds! While exploring this city, it's impossible not to climb one of Cracow’s mounds – the oldest of which is, of course, Krakus Mound. It’s an ideal spot for a short trip. It's hard to determine when and why this mound was built – one legend says that Krakus Mound was erected as a tribute to King Krak for his services to our city. We highly recommend visiting in the afternoon – it's a place where you'll witness some of the most beautiful sunsets of your life, along with the backdrop of Cracow’s panorama.


Karmelicka 24b

We find ourselves in District I of the Old Town on Piasek – this is where Wisława Szymborska Park was established. Upon entering, you might feel like you're in an oasis in the middle of the city – the neighboring townhouses, water, greenery, and flowers together create a coherent whole, where it's impossible not to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Cracow. One of the townhouses is adorned with a magnificent mural featuring the poem "Nothing Twice" by Wisława Szymborska, created on the 100th anniversary of her birth. In our opinion, it's the perfect place for contemplation and a moment for yourself!

Kopernika 27


The last place that we consider an absolute must-visit when exploring less obvious spots in Cracow is the Jagiellonian University Botanical Garden. We particularly recommend visiting the garden in spring – rising temperatures, fresh air, and the appearance of crocuses, snowdrops, or the first flowers on the trees create the impression of a mysterious garden that is simply enchanting.

And of course, we have to mention the ROYAL CASTLE on Wawel Hill. This place is simply magical, full of mysteries and royal legends. When you stand on the hill, watching the sunset, you feel like a part of something truly grand.

And you know what else is great? Kazimierz. It's the heart of Cracow’s Jewish culture. You'll find the best restaurants in the city there, and cafes that will stay in your memory for a long time.

That's exactly why we decided to open our shop at 27 Św Tomasza Street in Cracow. We wanted to be a part of all this, to weave ourselves into the unique urban fabric where everyone can find something for themselves. It's the perfect place to connect people with a passion for beauty and history. We hope you'll drop by when you're in Cracow! When do you think you'll be able to visit this magical city? Hopefully soon!