Poznań – a city full of trendy restaurants, creative and designer spaces.


This extraordinary corner of Poland hides a wealth of history, fascinating monuments, and a unique atmosphere that's hard to resist. We invite you to embark on a journey through its streets full of mysteries, encounters, and extraordinary discoveries. Poznań
is a place where there's always something to uncover. This will make you fall in love with the city at first sight.

Are you ready for this unforgettable adventure and to get to know Poznań a little better? If so, we
invite you to keep reading!

Palmiarnia Poznańska is the oldest botanical garden in Poland and one of the oldest in Europe. After the war, it was rebuilt and new pavilions were added, housing, among others, cacti and aquariums. The plant diversity is rich in subtropical, tropical, desert, and many unique specimens from various parts of the world. The palm house offers a didactic path for the youngest visitors, a café, and the opportunity to view exotic animals.

Locals call it the "center of the universe." Indeed, in Jeżyce you will find everything, from a market with fresh vegetables, trendy restaurants, concept stores, florists, and cozy yoga spots. Jeżyce also hosts Bałtyk and Concordia Design - places for cultural meetings and vernissages. Let's not forget that in the very center of Jeżyce, at 17 Wawrzyniaka Street, is our boutique, which we invite you to visit.

A historic building, currently serving an interdisciplinary function combining visual arts, culture - including a palace cinema, contemporary art, and cultural events. CK Zamek focuses on openness and dialogue between creators and residents by offering a wide range of events. Thanks to CK Zamek, we were able to see an exhibition of, among others, Frida Kahlo in Poznań. The former Imperial Castle can be toured and, on selected dates, even discover areas usually not accessible to the public.

80/82 Święty Marcin Street


The Imperial Castle majestically rises above the surrounding buildings, with an impressive facade and towers. Today, the castle functions as a museum where you can admire a rich collection of art and exhibits related to the history of Poznań and the region. Apart from its historical and cultural value, the Imperial Castle is also a popular meeting place for tourists who come here to uncover the secrets of the former power and splendor of this place.

14 Święty Marcin Street


Another place worth visiting in Poznań is the Miel café, opposite the church of St. Martin in the very center of the city. The café is famous for its excellent specialty coffee, homemade baked goods, and beautiful minimalist interior design. The café is dog-friendly, and the music selection makes you feel like you're in Berlin. It's open from 10:00 AM and is the perfect spot to start your day.



The undeniable showcase of Poznań is its townhouses. In architecture, it is not easy to find pre-war remnants in construction. In the city, in many districts of Poznań, we can see traces of history on the walls from the times of Prussian annexation. The townhouses have stucco and are listed as historical monuments. They constitute cultural heritage and impress with their facades as well as the interiors of staircases and courtyards.

3/1 Zwierzyniecka Street


Restaurant Nadzieja is a gem of Poznań's gastronomy. If you love vegetarian cuisine - this place is for you! After a delicious meal, be sure to try something sweet!

15 Ślusarska Street


A creative space on the map of Poznań, located in the very center near the restored Old Market Square, aiming to bring Polish design and craftsmanship closer. On site, there are nearly 50 iconic exhibits of Polish design on permanent display. Pracownia Vzory also organizes workshops and meetings for enthusiasts of Polish designers.

14 Głogowska Street


An icon of Poznań, they are one of the longest-operating fair organizers in Europe. A place appreciated for years with a long history. Lovers of design, fashion, gardening, and even multicultural food will certainly find something for themselves. Various events and concerts are also organized on the MTP grounds. A must-visit place for a weekend trip to Poznań, located close to the center and in the vicinity of Jeżyce.